North Yorkshire Dance

A picture from a series put together in March which were used as a projected backdrop for a performance by North Yorkshire Dance at West Yorkshire Playhouse, taken at Bolton Abbey on a day of incredibly mixed weather!


Tacloban – Day 13

It’s my last morning so have come into the office early to say my goodbyes as everyone else is heading to the waterfalls for an excursion, there were a few tears shed! I’ve spent the morning planning the next stage of my trip, and have finally booked a hotel in Singapore for this evening, it cost me the same as I’ve spent in almost two weeks in the Philippines, as much as it’s expensive to get here, I’ve hardly spent anything since I arrived.  I also saw a pig being taken to slaughter, it was squealing it’s head off and when I came back out 30 minutes later it was already being spit roasted over an open fire outside the office!

Karen and I were flying at similar times out of Tacloban so Nanay and Tatay drove us to the airport with four of the volunteer coordinators, I really struggled to hold back the tears (again!), I’m very sad to leave! My flight was delayed so Philippine Airlines bumped me onto Karen’s flight at 3pm, but it was delayed due to a backlog in Manilla with Pope Francis being there, so I didn’t arrive in Manilla until 6.30pm, with my connection to Singapore from Terminal 2 in another part of town at 7.30pm! A lovely man helped me out and found me a taxi, the driver was incredible – he put his emergency lights on, swerved in and out of traffic whilst honking his horn at everyone, it was rush hour and we made the journey in 15 minutes, probably would’ve taken 45 minutes on a usual day! I ran to the check in desk and managed to jump the queue and spoke to the manager, she was amazing also and got me on the flight even though it was already boarding! I ran through to the gate and thought I’d missed it – but no one else had got on it yet, and I even had time for a smoke in one of the hot boxes they have in the airport! Needless to say we were delayed by 30 minutes so I could’ve taken it a little easier… After a 3 hour flight to Singapore, I jumped on my airport transfer and arrived in my hotel at 1am – I decided that I needed a day of rest so I paid a little extra to stay at the hotel until 6pm, giving me time to sit by the pool in the sunshine!  Only took one picture today – I needed to give my eyes and brain a rest!

I’m really going to miss everyone here, and I WILL return one day to see how the place has progressed. SALAMAT TACLOBAN!!


Tacloban – Day 12

My last full day today in Tacloban, so the whole group has headed to the nutrition project, where the volunteers cooked spaghetti, pork and vegetables, and also had a whip around in order to provide a second meal of oatmeal with bananas. The children there love it when we arrive, they know they’re going to get some food but they love to play and are crazy for having their pictures taken, I’ve taken almost 9,000 photographs on this leg of the trip alone! On returning to Tacloban I headed downtown with Kirby and Karen for a farewell lunch (it’s Karen’s last day too) and to grab a few gifts for everyone back home. We ate at a place called Chewlove, and I had a burger and fries (the first bread and potato I’ve eaten in two weeks!) accompanied by some of the nicest ketchup I’ve ever had! In the afternoon it was games time with all the local children teaching us how they play – they have no games consoles or the like, so it was three legged races and blowing elastic bands from the step – games that need minimal equipment but are just as fun to play! In the evening I took Nanay, Tatay, Marc and Marianne to a restaurant downtown called Ocho – it’s Nanay and Tatay’s favourite seafood place, we ate like kings (chilli shrimp, grilled fish, beef kebabs, fish soup and a huge plate of scallops), it was all so fresh and the whole bill came to £35, reckon it would have cost at least £200 in the UK! After returning we watched the Pope’s arrival on television, so many people in Manilla cheering him in, but the thing I remember the most was his skullcap blowing off as he stepped from the plane, as cool as a cucumber he just carried on as though it hadn’t happened! I finished the day with a beer with some of the other volunteers, I’ve met so many amazing people here, and have been offered a place to stay in several countries I’ve not traveled to before so will be definitely taking them up on the offer!  Going to be hard to say goodbye in the morning…

Tacloban2015_Day12 0 Tacloban2015_Day12 1 Tacloban2015_Day12 2 Tacloban2015_Day12 3 Tacloban2015_Day12 4 Tacloban2015_Day12 5 Tacloban2015_Day12 6 Tacloban2015_Day12 7 Tacloban2015_Day12 8 Tacloban2015_Day12 9 Tacloban2015_Day12 10 Tacloban2015_Day12 11 Tacloban2015_Day12 12 Tacloban2015_Day12 13 Tacloban2015_Day12 14 Tacloban2015_Day12 15 Tacloban2015_Day12 16 Tacloban2015_Day12 17 Tacloban2015_Day12 18 Tacloban2015_Day12 19 Tacloban2015_Day12 20 Tacloban2015_Day12 21 Tacloban2015_Day12 22 Tacloban2015_Day12 23 Tacloban2015_Day12 24 Tacloban2015_Day12 25 Tacloban2015_Day12 26 Tacloban2015_Day12 27 Tacloban2015_Day12 28 Tacloban2015_Day12 29 Tacloban2015_Day12 30 Tacloban2015_Day12 31 Tacloban2015_Day12 32 Tacloban2015_Day12 33 Tacloban2015_Day12 34 Tacloban2015_Day12 35 Tacloban2015_Day12 36 Tacloban2015_Day12 37 Tacloban2015_Day12 38 Tacloban2015_Day12 39 Tacloban2015_Day12 40 Tacloban2015_Day12 41 Tacloban2015_Day12 42 Tacloban2015_Day12 43 Tacloban2015_Day12 44 Tacloban2015_Day12 45 Tacloban2015_Day12 46 Tacloban2015_Day12 47

Tacloban – Day 11

It’s been raining all week and has continued today, so have spent the morning doing even more editing and writing, was hoping this trip kept me away from the computer a little but I’ve probably been on it just as much as home!  Kirby ran another cooking workshop for the Nanays, this time it was rice pudding!  Afterwards I went with the French Canadians to the VfV dump site project, where they educate the children who live and work on the dump.  It was so sad to see, the people who are there spend their days collecting plastic and metal that has been thrown away, it’s a daily battle just to put a little food on the table, and disease is rife, completely expected when you’re there 24 hours a day.  We also visited the school where John (from VfV) teaches the children, it was a lovely project to visit and he’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met!  It’s also been my last Nanay Lea dinner – I will most definitely miss her cooking, will be (trying) to replicate some of her dishes when I return home.

Tacloban2015_Day11 48 Tacloban2015_Day11 47 Tacloban2015_Day11 46 Tacloban2015_Day11 45 Tacloban2015_Day11 44 Tacloban2015_Day11 43 Tacloban2015_Day11 42 Tacloban2015_Day11 41 Tacloban2015_Day11 40 Tacloban2015_Day11 39 Tacloban2015_Day11 38 Tacloban2015_Day11 37 Tacloban2015_Day11 36 Tacloban2015_Day11 35 Tacloban2015_Day11 34 Tacloban2015_Day11 33 Tacloban2015_Day11 32 Tacloban2015_Day11 31 Tacloban2015_Day11 30 Tacloban2015_Day11 29 Tacloban2015_Day11 28 Tacloban2015_Day11 27 Tacloban2015_Day11 26 Tacloban2015_Day11 25 Tacloban2015_Day11 24 Tacloban2015_Day11 23 Tacloban2015_Day11 22 Tacloban2015_Day11 21 Tacloban2015_Day11 20 Tacloban2015_Day11 19 Tacloban2015_Day11 18 Tacloban2015_Day11 17 Tacloban2015_Day11 16 Tacloban2015_Day11 15 Tacloban2015_Day11 14 Tacloban2015_Day11 13 Tacloban2015_Day11 12 Tacloban2015_Day11 11 Tacloban2015_Day11 10 Tacloban2015_Day11 9 Tacloban2015_Day11 8 Tacloban2015_Day11 7 Tacloban2015_Day11 6 Tacloban2015_Day11 5 Tacloban2015_Day11 4 Tacloban2015_Day11 3 Tacloban2015_Day11 2 Tacloban2015_Day11 1 Tacloban2015_Day11 0

Guardian Witness – Pope Francis

I’ve just had a confirmation that an image from my trip to the Philippines has been featured in the Guardian Witness section covering Pope Francis’s trip to South East Asia.  See the page here.  I have to leave today as my original flight tomorrow was cancelled and so was brought forward a day, I’m absolutely gutted as sure there would have been some amazing photos to be had, millions of people expected on the streets!

Tacloban – Day 10

This morning I travelled with Alli (Helsinki, Finland) to a boys shelter north of Tacloban, where she’s been leading workshops in art and crafts, gardening and sports. The boys there are all orphans for a variety of reasons, and are aged between 5 and 14. As well as taking photographs of the activities, I was able to get involved for the first time, including thinking that my paper aeroplane skills would go down well, only for one boy to completely outdo me by making an origami Batmobile and a Bat plane that floated through the air! I also gave the boys my camera for them to take some pictures of the activities and they absolutely loved it. One boy loved the camera so much that he made me a loom bracelet and necklace, a really lovely moment and I’ll keep them forever! (Finally got a few photos of me too taken by the boys!) I gave the children a Tadcaster Albion scarf and the woman who runs the shelter asked for a photograph with it as she said she might be able to find a boyfriend from Tadcaster if everyone back home sees her with it!! I’ve been really lucky in that I’ve been able to go to many of the projects and so have seen much more than those working on one project alone. After returning to the office I accompanied JR around all of the homestays, to take pictures of the houses and the people that the volunteers stay with, so everyone who comes here will have a better idea of what to expect when they arrive. It’s been raining constantly all day so it’s been another evening of catching up with editing my images and writing my blog entries, and keeping an eye on the developments around Pope Francis’s visit on Saturday, as the city is going crazy for it, with road closures and many flights either cancelled or changed, I hope I can get my flight on Friday!

Tacloban2015_Day10 0

Tacloban2015_Day10 1 Tacloban2015_Day10 2 Tacloban2015_Day10 3 Tacloban2015_Day10 4 Tacloban2015_Day10 5 Tacloban2015_Day10 6 Tacloban2015_Day10 7 Tacloban2015_Day10 8 Tacloban2015_Day10 9 Tacloban2015_Day10 10 Tacloban2015_Day10 11 Tacloban2015_Day10 12 Tacloban2015_Day10 13 Tacloban2015_Day10 14 Tacloban2015_Day10 15 Tacloban2015_Day10 16 Tacloban2015_Day10 17 Tacloban2015_Day10 18 Tacloban2015_Day10 19 Tacloban2015_Day10 20 Tacloban2015_Day10 21 Tacloban2015_Day10 22 Tacloban2015_Day10 23 Tacloban2015_Day10 24 Tacloban2015_Day10 25 Tacloban2015_Day10 26 Tacloban2015_Day10 27 Tacloban2015_Day10 28 Tacloban2015_Day10 29 Tacloban2015_Day10 30

Tacloban – Day 9

The rain is coming down hard today, so I spent the morning at the office catching up with emails and making plans for when I reach Australia, I’m there for 10 days and I’ve managed to sort out eight nights accommodation with people I know there, really can’t wait to see everyone! I’m also trying to find out if my flight on Friday is going ahead – Pope Francis comes to the Philippines on Thursday and visits Tacloban on Saturday, so my original flight out of Leyte was cancelled and no one really seems to know what’s happening so it’s a little bit up in the air! The Philippines is a nation of 100 million people and 80% of them are Catholic so it’s a huge event here, it’s constantly all over the news and Tacloban is beginning to fill up with journalists, tourists and the huge police presence required for security (Tacloban only has 309 police and more than 7,000 are coming here from other parts of the country so every home nearby is either accommodating them or letting them use their wash rooms). It’s been raining all day so it’s not great for pictures anyway, and I’m exhausted after our hike yesterday so having an easy day is no bad thing at all!  In the afternoon I drove with the French Canadian group to the local university for a presentation on their schooling methods, it’s in a part of Leyte just outside of Tacloban and was particularly hit hard by Yolanda, many of the buildings here were completely destroyed and the devastation is everywhere to see.  I headed back to the office and taught a few of the VfV staff some Yorkshire terms in case anyone from there comes to help here in the future – my particular favourite was teaching Princess ‘Ay up mate’ – she got the accent down perfectly!  After another amazing Nanay Lea dinner (we all missed her cooking over the weekend massively!) we popped to Robinsons Mall to pick up a few gifts, and headed home for an early night.  I’m getting used to going to bed early and rising before 6am, something I really want to keep up when I return home.

Tacloban2015_Day9 3 Tacloban2015_Day9 0 Tacloban2015_Day9 39 Tacloban2015_Day9 37 Tacloban2015_Day9 36 Tacloban2015_Day9 35 Tacloban2015_Day9 34 Tacloban2015_Day9 33 Tacloban2015_Day9 31 Tacloban2015_Day9 23 Tacloban2015_Day9 22 Tacloban2015_Day9 21 Tacloban2015_Day9 20 Tacloban2015_Day9 19 Tacloban2015_Day9 18 Tacloban2015_Day9 17 Tacloban2015_Day9 14 Tacloban2015_Day9 13 Tacloban2015_Day9 12 Tacloban2015_Day9 11 Tacloban2015_Day9 9 Tacloban2015_Day9 8 Tacloban2015_Day9 7 Tacloban2015_Day9 6 Tacloban2015_Day9 5 Tacloban2015_Day9 4 Tacloban2015_Day9 1 Tacloban2015_Day9 2 Tacloban2015_Day9 10 Tacloban2015_Day9 16 Tacloban2015_Day9 24 Tacloban2015_Day9 25 Tacloban2015_Day9 26 Tacloban2015_Day9 27 Tacloban2015_Day9 28 Tacloban2015_Day9 29 Tacloban2015_Day9 30 Tacloban2015_Day9 32 Tacloban2015_Day9 38

Tacloban – Day 7 & 8

It’s the weekend so I’ve joined the French Canadians on their excursion to Maasin City in the south of Leyte, we drove for almost 5 hours to reach our destination, and I decided to give the camera (and my eyes and brain) a well earned rest on the journey, and listened to some music for the first time in a week and really take in the breathtaking scenery. The drivers here travel so fast and what can only be deemed recklessly, there’s no traffic lights, few road markings and many of the roads (even the major ones) are in a bad state of repair, but I’ve still not seen a crash or even a scrape, I suppose if everyone drive crazily then everyone knows to be fully alert all of the time! We drove up over the mountains and arrived in Maasin, where we quickly changed and grabbed a boat to Canigao Island which was absolute paradise – white sand, palm trees and a greeny-blue sea that was the warmest I’ve ever felt, stunning! I had a walk around the island with Winston and JR which took about 15 minutes, you can stay here if you like and I would have definitely been up for sleeping on the beach! After a few hours here we headed to a sea food restaurant next to the beach and I shared a kilo of sweet and sour shrimp with Daniel, before returning to the hotel for my first hot shower in over 10 days (the bathroom at my homestay only has a bucket of cold water!) and heading to bed, where I slept solidly for 8 hours, it’s so cool by the sea so slept amazingly well, very much needed! On the Sunday I rose at 5.30am and had a great breakfast of bacon and eggs (I”ve had no ketchup since I left the UK – for people that know me that’s very unusual!) and witnessed the locals coming out at dawn to search for shellfish while the tide was out, and also one of the best rainbows I’ve ever seen, it reflected in the water to create and awesome sight. Afterwards we headed to Hanginan Mountain nearby, it’s a place of pilgramage for many Filipinas, but I hadn’t been told we were going for a trek so I only had my flip-flops! It was raining at the start so the track was muddy and wet, and half way up my shoes broke and couldn’t be fixed, so I made it up the rest of the way barefoot! After reaching the top Daniel commented that I was probably the first Yorkshireman to scale the mountain barefoot (although a lot of it was paved), I think he may have been correct! At the top I tried to fix my shoes but as I toiled away a local man approached me and gave me his spare pair of flip-flops and wouldn’t except any cash for them, so I made a donation to the church where I was also blessed with the Black Nazarene. After heading back down we drove to Bontoc where Winston grew up, it was fiesta day so there was an incredible party atmosphere, we ate lunch at his grandmothers and then joined the dancing procession along the promenade while the sun blazed overhead. A really fantastic weekend and superb to see some more of Leyte island – I’d love to return here and explore some more! Everyone here is so pleased to see us, we’re constantly being asked to have our pictures taken with the locals, it’s really off the beaten track so they don’t have masses of visitors and so welcome us with open arms.

Tacloban2015 58 Tacloban2015 57 Tacloban2015 56 Tacloban2015 55 Tacloban2015 54 Tacloban2015 53 Tacloban2015 52 Tacloban2015 51 Tacloban2015 50 Tacloban2015 49 Tacloban2015 48 Tacloban2015 47 Tacloban2015 46 Tacloban2015 45 Tacloban2015 44 Tacloban2015 43 Tacloban2015 42 Tacloban2015 41 Tacloban2015 40 Tacloban2015 39 Tacloban2015 38 Tacloban2015 37 Tacloban2015 36 Tacloban2015 35 Tacloban2015 34 Tacloban2015 33 Tacloban2015 32 Tacloban2015 31 Tacloban2015 30 Tacloban2015 29 Tacloban2015 28 Tacloban2015 27 Tacloban2015 26 Tacloban2015 25 Tacloban2015 24 Tacloban2015 23 Tacloban2015 22 Tacloban2015 21 Tacloban2015 20 Tacloban2015 19 Tacloban2015 18 Tacloban2015 17 Tacloban2015 16 Tacloban2015 15 Tacloban2015 14 Tacloban2015 13 Tacloban2015 12 Tacloban2015 11 Tacloban2015 10 Tacloban2015 9 Tacloban2015 8 Tacloban2015 7 Tacloban2015 6 Tacloban2015 5 Tacloban2015 4 Tacloban2015 3 Tacloban2015 2 Tacloban2015 1 Tacloban2015 0