Tacloban – Day 10

This morning I travelled with Alli (Helsinki, Finland) to a boys shelter north of Tacloban, where she’s been leading workshops in art and crafts, gardening and sports. The boys there are all orphans for a variety of reasons, and are aged between 5 and 14. As well as taking photographs of the activities, I was able to get involved for the first time, including thinking that my paper aeroplane skills would go down well, only for one boy to completely outdo me by making an origami Batmobile and a Bat plane that floated through the air! I also gave the boys my camera for them to take some pictures of the activities and they absolutely loved it. One boy loved the camera so much that he made me a loom bracelet and necklace, a really lovely moment and I’ll keep them forever! (Finally got a few photos of me too taken by the boys!) I gave the children a Tadcaster Albion scarf and the woman who runs the shelter asked for a photograph with it as she said she might be able to find a boyfriend from Tadcaster if everyone back home sees her with it!! I’ve been really lucky in that I’ve been able to go to many of the projects and so have seen much more than those working on one project alone. After returning to the office I accompanied JR around all of the homestays, to take pictures of the houses and the people that the volunteers stay with, so everyone who comes here will have a better idea of what to expect when they arrive. It’s been raining constantly all day so it’s been another evening of catching up with editing my images and writing my blog entries, and keeping an eye on the developments around Pope Francis’s visit on Saturday, as the city is going crazy for it, with road closures and many flights either cancelled or changed, I hope I can get my flight on Friday!

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