Tacloban – Day 11

It’s been raining all week and has continued today, so have spent the morning doing even more editing and writing, was hoping this trip kept me away from the computer a little but I’ve probably been on it just as much as home!  Kirby ran another cooking workshop for the Nanays, this time it was rice pudding!  Afterwards I went with the French Canadians to the VfV dump site project, where they educate the children who live and work on the dump.  It was so sad to see, the people who are there spend their days collecting plastic and metal that has been thrown away, it’s a daily battle just to put a little food on the table, and disease is rife, completely expected when you’re there 24 hours a day.  We also visited the school where John (from VfV) teaches the children, it was a lovely project to visit and he’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met!  It’s also been my last Nanay Lea dinner – I will most definitely miss her cooking, will be (trying) to replicate some of her dishes when I return home.

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