Tacloban – Day 13

It’s my last morning so have come into the office early to say my goodbyes as everyone else is heading to the waterfalls for an excursion, there were a few tears shed! I’ve spent the morning planning the next stage of my trip, and have finally booked a hotel in Singapore for this evening, it cost me the same as I’ve spent in almost two weeks in the Philippines, as much as it’s expensive to get here, I’ve hardly spent anything since I arrived.  I also saw a pig being taken to slaughter, it was squealing it’s head off and when I came back out 30 minutes later it was already being spit roasted over an open fire outside the office!

Karen and I were flying at similar times out of Tacloban so Nanay and Tatay drove us to the airport with four of the volunteer coordinators, I really struggled to hold back the tears (again!), I’m very sad to leave! My flight was delayed so Philippine Airlines bumped me onto Karen’s flight at 3pm, but it was delayed due to a backlog in Manilla with Pope Francis being there, so I didn’t arrive in Manilla until 6.30pm, with my connection to Singapore from Terminal 2 in another part of town at 7.30pm! A lovely man helped me out and found me a taxi, the driver was incredible – he put his emergency lights on, swerved in and out of traffic whilst honking his horn at everyone, it was rush hour and we made the journey in 15 minutes, probably would’ve taken 45 minutes on a usual day! I ran to the check in desk and managed to jump the queue and spoke to the manager, she was amazing also and got me on the flight even though it was already boarding! I ran through to the gate and thought I’d missed it – but no one else had got on it yet, and I even had time for a smoke in one of the hot boxes they have in the airport! Needless to say we were delayed by 30 minutes so I could’ve taken it a little easier… After a 3 hour flight to Singapore, I jumped on my airport transfer and arrived in my hotel at 1am – I decided that I needed a day of rest so I paid a little extra to stay at the hotel until 6pm, giving me time to sit by the pool in the sunshine!  Only took one picture today – I needed to give my eyes and brain a rest!

I’m really going to miss everyone here, and I WILL return one day to see how the place has progressed. SALAMAT TACLOBAN!!