Tacloban – Day 2

Today I headed out with the French Canadian group on their city tour, it was the same as ours yesterday but the sun was shining so everything looked much different and improved the look of my pictures so was well worth repeating.  We also headed out on a tour of the projects I’ll be covering including a teaching and school building scheme, a young offenders rehabilitation programme and a nutrition project up in the hills.  It was incredible just driving around in a Jeepney, to see the devastation the typhoon caused and the efforts of the people trying to return it to it’s former state.  The saddest thing I saw was the destroyed evacuation centre, constructed especially for extreme weather but even that was completely ruined, and many people lost their lives hoping to find shelter there.  Every evening our Nanay (mother) cooks us a huge meal, they eat five meals a day here and I thought I would lose some weight but I think I’ll end up bigger than when I arrived!

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