Tacloban – Day 3

This morning I spent my time catching up with the editing of my pictures, I’m shooting at least 500 a day so far so trying to stay on top of them all is very time consuming indeed!  The images I take will be used to promote the work the charity does here, and I’ve also said all of the other volunteers here can use them as a record of their work, so it’s difficult to delete any!  In the afternoon we drove into the wilderness where VfV run a nutrition and teaching project, and the children there put on a show for us consisting of traditional dance and also a few more modern moves, including a dance to Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’.  The Philippines go crazy for Christmas, one of the traditions I’ve heard is that after they head to bed after the day’s event, they wake again around midnight, give the children a gift and then eat spaghetti!!  There’s still loads of decorations up, with the festivities starting in early September (I thought the British went crazy for it starting in November!).  The New Year celebrations also last for all of January, so it seems like it’s celebration time constantly here!  The French Canadians led some English workshops at the centre later in the evening, with around 30 children descending on the place, so I couldn’t stick around and catch up with my internet needs, instead I had my first proper beer with Stefan on the basketball court outside as the sun set, it definitely helped with my first full night’s sleep in a week…  Stefan sponsors a child here for $300 a year – it pays for her to go to school, her school equipment, and a medical and health check once a year, something I’m definitely considering when I return to the UK.  We also visited the site of the American General Douglas MacArthur’s landing when they came to liberate the Philippines from the Japanese in March 1945, and the day he landed is a national holiday here.

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