Tacloban – Day 4

I’ve been shadowing the French Canadians for the last few days, they are a group of 15 and so have numerous projects to work on and it’s meant I’ve had a variety of locations to shoot at. Today they started their assignments and I headed with Daniel and his group to a new nutrition project up in the hills, a huge amount of people were displaced by the typhoon and it’s subsequent storm surge, so they lost their homes and possessions and headed to higher ground to avoid such an occurrence again. VfV provide nutrition programmes to such communities, and today’s was aimed at malnourished four and five year olds. We stopped at the store and picked up some pork, vegetables and spaghetti, they were given a budget of 600 pesos (about £10) and this needed to feed 35 children, but in reality there were many more who went without. Most of the children would only eat that one meal that day, so the people there are massively reliant on the charity providing food for their children. It was definitely the most humbling experience of my life, seeing how happy the people there were even though they lived in ramshackle houses and had next to nothing to eat. Afterwards we headed back to the office where Kirby (from Delaware, USA) was leading a cookery class to promote vegetarian cooking for the volunteers at their homestays as the Filipinas don’t understand the concept of not eating meat! Then the whole volunteering team had a Waray-Waray language lesson (waray literally translates as ‘nothing’) followed by the French Canadians carrying out their daily English class for the local children. We’ve had another amazing meal cooked by Nanay Lea, including whole chicken livers which were surprisingly delicious!

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