Tacloban – Day 5

It’s Thursday and today I accompanied the French Canadian group to a teaching programme out in the sticks – we travelled for about 45 minutes in a Jeepney (gathering an amazing collection of these – will post a seperate album of these alone!) and spent the morning teaching the children English and French.  They are so amazed to see us we’re like celebrities, and they provided us with a second breakfast of noodles and liver, with Sprite to drink, difficult to procure and expensive treat where we were located!  I’ve been able to get some great shots of Tacloban and it’s people from the Jeepney windows, there’s so much life on every corner, there’s always something happening and it’s a photographer’s dream to be here, I could do with about a year and that’s just in Tacloban!  In the afternoon we were taken for a presentation at the Tacloban City Police Department, and given a tour around both the remand and permanent prisons.  We were taken straight into the main area so were surrounded by serious criminals, but many of us felt as though we were looking down at the prisoners and wanted to leave as soon as possible.  Some of the prisoners are kept there while they await trial, the conditions were not the best and some of the inmates would walk free if found innocent, but could end up staying there for up to three years before being seen before a judge.  In the evening I drank a couple of beers with Stefan, Manon, Daniel and Lucie (the French Canadian group leaders) before heading for another superb dinner by Nanay Lea, this time we ate stir fried beef, fried fish and vegetables in coconut milk, before heading to bed at 9pm.  I’ve been rising at 6am every day so early nights are a must!  It was also the first time I’ve needed to use a sheet as it’s been a little cooler overnight and was very welcome indeed!

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