Tacloban – Day 6

This morning I left my homestay at 6.30am to meet up with Catherine (Copenhagen, Denmark) to document her working on the build-a-home scheme in Tacloban City, just around the corner from the Volunteer for Visayans office. I stayed with her and the family she’s working with for an hour, to grab a few shots of her helping the family rebuilding their home following the typhoon. She’s struggled a little as non of the family speak English, so has had to rely on watching and learning and trying to help out where possible! In the afternoon I accompanied the French Canadians again for a visit to the Commission Of Human Rights to the Philippines, where they gave us a presentation around the human rights within the Philippines, and specifically here in Tacloban.  Afterwards our Jeepneys took us to the San Juanico Bridge, which was built as a gift from President Marcos to his wife Imelda (read the full story here – very interesting!). After a well needed siesta a group of us headed downtown to the Pop Up bar (a previously touring bar in a van but now in a permanent position) as a few of the volunteers had finished their placements and were heading onto the next legs of their journeys.  It was full of the NGOs that are based here, they played great music (including the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack which I’ve been listening to loads while I’ve been here) and a few San Miguels costing about 70p each, pretty cheap for a city centre bar! It’s the weekend tomorrow so we’re heading to Massin City in the south of the island for a two day break, we have a hotel booked so really looking forward to a couple of days rest and recuperation!

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