Tacloban – Day 9

The rain is coming down hard today, so I spent the morning at the office catching up with emails and making plans for when I reach Australia, I’m there for 10 days and I’ve managed to sort out eight nights accommodation with people I know there, really can’t wait to see everyone! I’m also trying to find out if my flight on Friday is going ahead – Pope Francis comes to the Philippines on Thursday and visits Tacloban on Saturday, so my original flight out of Leyte was cancelled and no one really seems to know what’s happening so it’s a little bit up in the air! The Philippines is a nation of 100 million people and 80% of them are Catholic so it’s a huge event here, it’s constantly all over the news and Tacloban is beginning to fill up with journalists, tourists and the huge police presence required for security (Tacloban only has 309 police and more than 7,000 are coming here from other parts of the country so every home nearby is either accommodating them or letting them use their wash rooms). It’s been raining all day so it’s not great for pictures anyway, and I’m exhausted after our hike yesterday so having an easy day is no bad thing at all!  In the afternoon I drove with the French Canadian group to the local university for a presentation on their schooling methods, it’s in a part of Leyte just outside of Tacloban and was particularly hit hard by Yolanda, many of the buildings here were completely destroyed and the devastation is everywhere to see.  I headed back to the office and taught a few of the VfV staff some Yorkshire terms in case anyone from there comes to help here in the future – my particular favourite was teaching Princess ‘Ay up mate’ – she got the accent down perfectly!  After another amazing Nanay Lea dinner (we all missed her cooking over the weekend massively!) we popped to Robinsons Mall to pick up a few gifts, and headed home for an early night.  I’m getting used to going to bed early and rising before 6am, something I really want to keep up when I return home.

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